Get 1 Year of IG Content, 
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Are you a busy agent? Are you ready to close more deals? Are you tired of spending hours brainstorming IG content. 

If yes, then how would like to spend less time 'doing' social media and more time selling. 

Now you can with a realtor social media Instagram template for the entire year. That's 365 Instagram Posts + Captions + Personalized Hashtags.
All on autopilot. 

Save Money Getting 
Our 1 Year Template

Would you rather pay: 

$180 to $300 for a collection of templates smaller and less diverse than ours? 

Use a subscription based site and pay $60 a month for a total of $720 for the year? 

Hire a social media management agency and pay $1,000s in a retainer, plus $85 an hour design fees. 

Or Would you rather pay: 

One Flat Price of $60

An entire year of content (365 Posts)

That you can Customize 

And Post Right Away

No surprise fees. 
No membership plans. 
No subscriptions

Diverse Instagram Social Media Posts Including: 

- 50 Real Estate Definitions 
- 50 Buyer Tips 
- 50 Seller Tips 
- 26 Design Tips 
- 12 Monthly Maintenance Tips 
- 50 Inspirational Real Estate Quotes 
- 26 Market Myths 
- 37 Engaging Posts 
- 23 Holiday Posts 
- And Much More!

Until The Most Amazing Thing Happened...
Until The Most Amazing Thing Happened...
Hi, I'm Dominique Higgins and I am a real estate agent/broker, and over the past 8 years, I've helped real estate developers, investors, builders and contractors find, market, and sell their development projects and investment properties (millions in transactional volume) in one of the hottest real estate markets in the world -- Southern California.

I'm here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about becoming a successful real estate developer.

The truth is, you can make a lot more money developing real estate than you can simply flipping properties. 

You do NOT NEED:
- A Degree
- A Special Certificate
- Training in Financial Models

All you DO NEED is a solid framework personalized to your meet your specific goals. 
In 2017, I happened to be at a planning meeting for all of LA County when they were introducing all these new rules and regulations that would drastically the zoning laws and development landscape. 

It was at that moment, sitting in the auditorium, that I it clicked that there was another way to win the game, and this could be it. 

There were other ways to maximize a property's value and therefore maximize the profits for our developers and investors, without JUST focusing on driving the price down. 

I left the meeting with a plan to become an expert in these rules and regulations, on a mission to figure out how they could work for our developers 
and investors. 

How it Works

Did we mention how easy it is: 

1. Complete your order. 
2. Get instant access to the digital download 

3. Open the PDF and click on the links 

4. Create a FREE Canva account and start editing your posts. 


What it Looks Like? 

For $60 you'll get a complete Instagram social media template of 365 posts ready-to-publish posts. These are just a few examples of posts that are included. 

Buy Now to Get FREE Instagram Captions for All Posts

Thank you so much for a great set of posts! Dom you've saved me so much time, now I don't have to worry about posting content for a year!
- Pezhman D. , OC Realtor
These posts are amazing. I've never been good at social media, at all, but with these posts, I don't really have to be lol. It's all done and automated for you.
- Jennifer, LA Realtor
Here’s A Recap Of
  • ​365 Instagram Posts Ready for You To Customize 
  • ​50 Real Estate Definitions 
  • ​50 Buyer Tips to generate leads
  • ​50 Seller Tips to generate leads 
  • ​26 Design Tips 
  • ​12 Monthly Maintenance Tips 
  • ​50 Inspirational Real Estate Quotes 
  • ​26 Market Myths 
  • ​37 Posts to Engage Your Audience  
  • ​23 Holiday Posts 
  • ​And Much More!
  • PLUS Hours of Your Life Back to Focus on What You Do Best - Selling Homes 
Usually $149, but if you act right now you can get started
For Only $60

Buy Now to Get FREE Instagram Captions for All Posts

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